Headsupper.io was a free GitHub webhook service that emailed people when commits had the configurable keyword “headsup” in it.

How it was set up

First, you needed to authenticate with your GitHub account.  Then create your first configuration and enter the following:

  1. The GitHub “full name”.
  2. Pick a secret.
  3. Who to send to.
  4. Go to your GitHub project’s Setting page and enter a new Webhook and the URL https://headsupper.io.

How it was built

Headsupper.io was a mix between ReactJS and Django, according to developer Peter Bengtsson.

“The whole client-side app was built statically with Webpack in ES6. It’s served as static files through Nginx. But Nginx is making an exception on all URLs that start with /api or /accounts. The /api/* it used for loading and setting JSON. The /accounts/* is used for the GitHub OAuth endpoints.”

Peter Bengtsson – Peterbe.com


React code

Django code

Full project